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Im a 65 year old patriot. I love my country very much. i would like to see my grandchildren grow up into a free society where we have our freedom and respect for the constitution and amendments of the united states our for fathers fought for with their lives. i dont consider myself a democrate or republican after the fraud, treason and banning of our president, yes president Trump. its not about

trump anymore its about our freedom and censorships. We the People Need To Stand Up. Not with violence, not with burning, breaking windows , not with killing. with our brains, and use them well. Our power of SPEECH is just as good.

I have 4 sons, 5 grandchildren. my oldest grandson will be entering the airforce in the next year and i am very proud of him. I come from a all military family. My brother marines, cousins naval officers. Uncle Green beret, grandmother wac, grandfather p.o.w on wake island. which his rescue is listed in the archives in washington D.C. there are alot of us and families still out here fighting, and protecting our country.

i hope i didnt offend anyone so excuse me if i do. but our country is in trouble and we all need to put our differences aside and come as one to bring this terrany down the legal way, the american way. thank you

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